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Mental Wellness Workshops

Our workshops are designed to meet your needs and help you develop tools to grow.

Community Experts

Our trainings are provided by licensed mental health professionals. 

Tools You Can Use

We provide tools for everyday life, so that you can get started using what you've learned, right away!

Personal Growth

We used a strengths based approach to help you grow. All of our workshops will help you learn new tools, and build on skills you already have to help you experience success. 
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Mental Health is something we all have and it's just as important as our physical health. Just like when we ignore an achy back or "power through" a headache, our mental health can often be pushed to the side and ignored - only to cause more tumult later. 

Let us help you learn tools to build a healthy mental health self care routine. Learn how to heal and grow. Learn how to connect and thrive. All from the comfort of your home. 

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