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Growing Self Compassion

Learn the basics of building self compassion. 

What's included?

  • 8 Chapters
  • Learn the basics of Self Compassion
  • Exercises to build Self Compassion
  • How to get unstuck
  • PDFs to help you continue your practice

Learn to care about yourself!

Self Compassion can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and shame. Learn how to start caring and loving yourself with this evidenced based practice!

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Meet the instructor

Amanda Villaveces

Amanda Villaveces is a licensed marriage and family therapist and Director of Mental Health Lou. She's been teaching Self Compassion since 2015 and encourages all of her clients to develop their own self compassion practice. When she's not doing something related to mental health she's cooking, reading and daydreaming about far off places. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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